How to Apply: Clinical Faculty and Associates at Colleges of Veterinary Medicine and Other Clinical Researchers

Step 1 Guidelines

To be respectful of a potential applicant’s time, the Foundation has a two-step application process. Step 1 consists of a 3-4 page pre-proposal (initial letter) describing the research idea, which includes:

  • Protocol to be tested and research hypothesis (Title or 1-2 sentences);
  • Explanation of why the proposed protocol will allow veterinarians to practice more broadly along the spectrum of care;
  • Description of the protocol most commonly offered as “best option” to treat a presentation in primary care;
  • Estimated cost to the veterinarian and to the client (may be a range) of “best option” protocol;
  • Description of the lower-cost protocol to be tested in comparison;
  • Estimated cost to the veterinarian and to the client (may be a range) of lower-cost protocol; please include up-front capital costs as well as cost of supplies and labor in your cost comparison analysis. A template for financial comparison data is provided below.
  • Any prior research in the area of which you are aware.
  • An overview of the proposed experimental design
  • The expected time line from funding to final report
  • Two letters of support from veterinarians in primary care attesting to the potential usefulness of the lower-cost protocol being studied. These should be attached but are not included in page count.
  • Resume or Brief CV (1-3 pages). These should be attached but are not included in pre-preproposal page count.

Please submit as Word .docx or .pdf file with proposal name included in the header and the Principal Investigator(s)' name(s) and page numbers in the footer. Please submit all materials via email at The Foundation will review these initial letters in no more than 4 weeks and follow up with guidance on the next step for proposals that meet the criteria. Next steps may range from seed funding for small “proof of concept” studies to requests for full formal proposals.

If you have any questions before submitting a proposal, please email us at and we will get back to you promptly.

Step 2 Guidelines

The following documents should be used after the initial pre-proposal has been received and approved by the Foundation: Step 2 Guidelines for Full Proposal and Step 2 Clinical Trial Budget template.