Eligibility: Who may apply?

The Foundation welcomes proposals and suggestions from three groups.

  • Any practicing veterinarian, or team of veterinarians, with an interest in participating in clinical trials and an idea that plausibly meets the criteria is invited to apply. The Foundation’s focus is on the topic to be researched and its potential impact on canine health. It is prepared to assist private practitioners without experience in conducting clinical trials in finding a partner to facilitate research.
  • Clinical researchers at colleges of veterinary medicine with an idea that plausibly meets the criteria.
  • Any practitioner, faculty member or dog owner with a good idea for a clinical trial but no interest in personal involvement in the trial. “Somebody ought to” ideas are welcome!

Note: Applications from non-U.S. citizens and/or organizations can be considered but potential applicants from outside the U.S. should contact the Foundation at clinicalresearch@thestantonfoundation.org prior to submitting an initial letter.