How to Apply: Veterinarians in Private Practice

To be respectful of a potential applicant’s time, the Foundation has a two-step application process.

Step 1 consists of a letter or memo that includes the following:

  • A description of your experience in veterinary medicine, including when and where you received your DVM;
  • Description of your current (or former, if retired) practice, including location (with zip code), type (companion animal, mixed animal, other), size, dog owners as percent of total clients;
  • The idea to be tested;
  • The “best option” diagnostic or treatment for which your idea would be an alternative;
  • Desired outcome;
  • “Best guess” of length of trial needed to get results;
  • Estimated cost savings to the client compared to traditional "best option" recommendation. Please include up-front capital costs as well as cost of supplies and labor in your cost comparison analysis.

The letter can be sent either via email or by mail. The Foundation will respond within two weeks with any questions and within four weeks with a decision. Successful Step 1 applicants will be given details on Step 2 at that time.

Please cover all these points. Any additional material you want to include is welcome. If you have any questions before submitting a proposal, please email us at and we will get back to you promptly.

All Step 1 submissions from private practice veterinarians will also be considered for the One Good Idea campaign and be eligible for the $1000 award if selected. See Resources for the One Good Idea announcement.