How to Suggest an Idea

If you have successfully used or seen a technique in practice that you think should be more widely used, send it to us.

We’ll need, via email or letter:

  • A description of your experience in and/or with veterinary medicine. If you are a veterinarian, please include where and when you received your DVM;
  • A description of the idea;
  • The experience that led you to the idea; and
  • Your contact information.

If the idea lends itself to a clinical trial, we will contact you to make sure we understand your idea and request your opinion on next steps. After that, you can have as much or little contact with the clinical trial or any research that flows from the idea as you would like.

The Stanton Foundation is now awarding veterinarians $1000 for selected Spectrum of Care idea submissions under the "One Good Idea" campaign. See Resources for the One Good Idea announcement.