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Water Fountains

Water is a necessity in dog parks for dogs and their owners. Dogs require lots of water during playtime, and in warmer months, their owners may need water as well.

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Water Fountain Type

When installing water fountains, communities may choose to provide a two-tier fountain with high and low dispensers so both dogs and their owners may benefit, or a smaller fountain with a base dispenser and built in bowl just for dogs.

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    Dog-Only Fountain

    Dog-Only Fountain

    Smaller and typically cheaper than the joint human option, these fountains provide water for the primary “paw-trons” of the dog park.

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    Human/Dog Fountain

    Human/Dog Fountain

    These fountains provide basins at human and dog heights and are typically larger and more expensive..

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    have Mobile Water

    In places where running a water line is prohibitively expensive, providing a mobile, refillable water source is an option. Stagnant water poses health risks therefore requiring additional ongoing maintenance planning.

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    Number of Spigots

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