Dog Park Guide


Maintenance is the cornerstone of a successful dog park. Even the most durable materials will require repair and replacement over time. Unlike other recreation facilities, dog parks are used 365 days a year in all weather conditions and create issues that should be addressed quickly. Issues can range from raking crushed stone surfacing to fixing gate locks to ensuring trash is removed in timely manner. Poor maintenance practices will make the dog park less appealing and visitors will be less likely to return.

Waste Management

Waste management is a functional necessity for a successful dog park. Waste receptacles should be provided throughout the dog park. Some dog parks incorporate “Big Belly” trashcans that are solar powered and have larger waste capacities than standard barrels. In addition, kiosks that dispense dog waste bags encourage dog owners to be proactive in maintaining a clean dog park.

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have Storage for Maintenance Equipment

An on-site tool storage container will encourage the dog owners’ involvement in the regular maintenance of a dog park site. Storage containers range from small chests to sheds, depending on a community’s needs and budgetary restrictions.

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