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In any dog park, odors and loose materials must be controlled for the enjoyment of all visitors. The best way to achieve this is with irrigation inside the dog park. Irrigation is also useful in dog parks that have grass surfacing or incorporate ornamental landscaping.

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Irrigation Type

Dog parks require periodic “flushing” of the loose surface materials to promote hygienic site conditions. A recommended solution is to install an automatic irrigation system, with pop-up sprinkler heads located within the dog park. A minimal approach would be to install hose bibs and to provide hoses for manual cleaning.

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    A sprinkler system is more expensive than a hose bib but provides a more efficient maintenance option. Sprinkler heads should be installed on the edges of the fence line to avoid as much contact as possible with the dogs using the dog park. However, larger dog parks may require interior sprinkler heads as well to ensure even coverage.

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    Hose Bib

    Hose Bib

    Hose bib attachments allow for hose connections at the water source for manual irrigation. This option is cheaper than a sprinkler system but requires more ongoing maintenance.

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