Dog Park Guide


The overall layout of the dog park factors in multiple design elements, most importantly size and location.

Square Footage (thousand feed)

There is no magic number for square footage to create a dog park. All dog parks must have a balance between providing enough space for large dogs to properly exercise while small enough that aggressive dogs or irresponsible owners can be monitored by others.

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part of Recreation Complex

Many communities capitalize on the social opportunities of existing recreational complexes when choosing a location for their dog park.

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connected to Trail System

Some communities choose space that is adjacent to trail systems as many people already take their dogs there to hike or go on walks. This provides owners with a convenient off-leash option for their dogs to exercise.

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have a Small Dog Area

Small dog areas are common, and allow owners with small dogs or puppies to keep them separated from larger dogs in the dog park. Not all small dogs need to be separated and some will relish the opportunity to socialize with larger companions.

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