2023 Grant Winners

  • Brandon Behlendorf, University of Albany’s Department of Emergency, Management, and Homeland Security: "Advancing SMR Technology and Export Controls Together through Expert Red-Teaming"
  • Darya Dolzikova, RUSI: "Safety and Security of Nuclear Power Plants in Warzones: Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine as Case Study"
  • Naomi Egel and Steven Ward, University of Georgia: "NATO Public Opinion and the Legitimacy of Nuclear Deterrence"
  • Paul Fraioli, The International Institute for Strategic Studies: "Quantitative Approaches to Risk Assessment During Nuclear Crises"
  • Jamie Kwong, CEIP: "Deterring NPT Withdrawal"
  • David Logan, Tufts University: "Surveys of Superiority: Experimental Evidence on the Impact of the Nuclear Balance"
  • Marion Messmer, The Royal Institute of International Affairs: "Nuclear Arms Control Agreements"
  • Sulgiye Park, Union of Concerned Scientists: "Examining China’s Nuclear Program within the Framework of Military and Energy Security"
  • Joseph Rodgers, Center for Strategic and International Studies: "OSINT, Disinformation, and Nuclear Arms Control"