2022 Grant Winners

  • Ana Alecsandru, Royal United Services Institute for Defense and Security Studies, London: "The Nuclear Industry as a Strategic Tool: Insights from Civil Nuclear Negotiations with Poland and Romania"
  • Joshua Alley, University College Dublin: "Do Nuclear Threats Provoke or Intimidate Public Opinion?"
  • Sarah Bidgood and Hanna Notte, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey and Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation: "Multilateral Nuclear Diplomacy in a Post-Invasion World: Russia-LAC Relations and the Future of the Nonproliferation and Disarmament Regime"
  • Brian Blankenship, University of Miami: "Nuclear Nonproliferation and Defense Burden-Sharing in U.S. Alliances"
  • Fahd Humayun, Tufts University: "Domestic Sources of Interstate Crisis and Conflict"
  • Christopher LaRoche, Central European University, Austria: "Historical Perspective of Escalation Control"
  • Marat Margulis, Bangor University, UK: "Potentials in "Nonproliferating" Nuclear Fuel"
  • Michal Onderco, Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Department of Public Administration and Sociology: "Political Contestation for Nuclear Weapons in Europe"
  • Michal Smetana, Charles University, Prague: "Public Support for Nuclear Arms Control: An Experimental Survey Approach"