2020 Grant Winners

  • Mark Bell, University of Minnesota: "The Stability of Nuclear Thinking"
  • Christopher Clary and Joshua Shifrinson, University of Albany and Boston University: "The Second Face of Deterrence: Domestic Political Instability and Nuclear Weapons"
  • Jeff Kaplow, William and Mary: "The Past and Future of Nuclear Proliferation"
  • Timothy McDonnell, CNA: "Working with the Adversary: Great Power Cooperation and Nuclear Risk Management"
  • Nicholas Miller, Dartmouth College: "Managing Emerging Nuclear Powers"
  • Jaganath Sankaran, University of Texas, Austin: "Cooperative National Missile Defenses: A Mechanism to Foster Reassurance and Enhance Strategic Stability"
  • Jacquelyn Schneider, Hoover Institution: "How Do Cyber Operations Affect Nuclear Stability?"
  • Rachel Whitlark and Molly Berkemeier, Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Georgia: "The Role of Leaders in Nuclear Politics"