How to Apply

Interested organizations must meet the following criteria in order to submit a proposal to the Foundation:

  • Must be a municipal open intake or a 501(c)3 facility

  • 40% or more of yearly intake must be dogs

  • Live release rate for dogs must be below 80%

  • Organization must have a minimum of 15 full time employees (FTEs).

  • Organization must commit to the program for five years

If your organization meets these criteria and is interested in a mobile adoption van, you are encouraged to submit a proposal to the Foundation. Proposals should include the following:

  • Profile of organization, including all eligibility criteria and operating budget

  • Number of dogs taken in every year and number of dogs adopted

  • Description of current adoption programs

  • A brief description of how an adoption van would be used in your community.

After establishing whether or not your organization is eligible for a grant, the Foundation will request a more detailed proposal on how you plan on integrating an adoption vehicle into your organization.