Mobile Adoption Van Grants

As part of its mission to strengthen the human / dog bond, the Stanton Foundation supports a non-competitive grant program aimed at providing mobile adoption vans to animal shelters to bring a city’s homeless dog population to a wider community of adopters. The Foundation provides a one-time capital grant of approximately $160,000 for the adoption van and associated customization costs.

The Stanton Foundation adoption van program is designed to help high volume, open intake shelters across the country increase adoptions and organizational visibility within their communities. Through bringing dogs out into the community, the Foundation hopes to increase ownership and reduce shelter populations of dogs in America.

It is the Foundation’s hope that these grants will lead to an increased number of dog adoptions across the country, and therefore an increased number of happy “pups” in their forever homes.

Please note the Mobile Adoption Van Grant Program has been indefinitely suspended as of June 1, 2022. We will re-evaluate this program again once the van order-to-delivery time is under 12 months.