Below are syllabi that have been submitted by past grant recipients.

  • Amherst College - Vanessa Walker

  • Syllabus

    "Human Rights and National Security: Seeking Balance in the United States"

  • Boston University - Joshua R. Shifrinson

  • Syllabus

    "America Abroad"

  • Brown University - Anand Toprani and Michael Dennis

  • Syllabus

    "The Political Economy of Strategy"

  • The Fletcher School, Tufts University - Chris Miller

  • Syllabus

    "Russia and the West from Peter the Great to Putin"

  • The Ohio State University - R. Joseph Parrott

  • Syllabus

    "Foreign Policy and the Separation of Powers"

  • University of Kentucky - Tracy Campbell

  • Syllabus

    "The History of Misinformation"