May multiple teams or individuals from a single institution apply? Will institutions be awarded multiple fellows?

The Foundation will consider multiple applications from a single institution. It has not, to date, sponsored concurrent fellowships at a single institution, but it would consider the opportunity.

I am not a U.S. citizen. Am I eligible for a fellowship?

You are eligible for a fellowship, but your research must ordinarily be performed at a U.S. institution.

May two interested applicants propose a joint project and each work on it half time?

In the past, the Foundation has considered these fellowships to be individual grants. A shared grant would be considered if the division of responsibilities was clear and the team can provide evidence of its capacity for productive joint work.

May an institution apply and, if accepted, recruit a fellow thereafter?

No, the prospective fellow must submit an application on his/her own behalf and must already have an appointment within an academic institution or nonprofit 501(c)(3). We suggest institutions inquire within their departments to identify potential candidates and encourage them to apply. The Foundation strongly considers the level of institutional support when it makes funding decisions.

My project will have application to many small/companion animal species. Am I eligible?

Yes, as long as the proposed research is canine-centric and has multiple practical applications for dogs.