Next Generation Canine Research Fellowship Program

As part of its mission to empower primary care veterinarians to practice a “spectrum of care,” the Foundation created its Next Generation Research Fellowship Program. The Program is designed for young academics interested in conducting research that will advance primary care practitioners’ ability offer quality care to dogs at multiple price points. Examples of research projects that could be considered range from a proof of concept study for a clinical trial, to studies of the potential of telemedicine, to interviewing retiring primary care veterinarians to capture their accumulated knowledge, to studying the optimal deployment of vet techs. The Foundation expects that at the conclusion of the fellowship, Fellows will produce written and/or visual products such as articles, reports, demonstrative videos, or clinical protocols, which can be disseminated and practically implemented by the veterinary community.

The Stanton Foundation will fund each Fellow’s salary and benefits for one year. With sufficiently promising results, Fellows may apply for a second year of a fellowship. The Program also provides a 15% overhead on the fellow’s salary and research expenses (if applicable) to the host institution and will consider a research budget not to exceed $25,000. For more information on covered expenses, please see the Covered Expenses page.