How to Apply

Interested applicants should provide the following information to the Stanton Foundation:

  1. A description of the course you intend to develop, including the venues or events at which it will be offered (no more than 1-2 pages);

  2. A current resume. If you do not have a current resume, please fill in the bio form provided in the "Resources" section and submit it in lieu of a CV. If a team submits an application, each instructor should provide a resume or bio information.

  3. A description of your current practice and clientele;

  4. A proposed budget;

  5. A list of previous courses taught, if any, and other relevant teaching experience.

The completed application should be sent to

After the Foundation has notified successful applicants, each will be required to sign a letter confirming the course description, time and place where the course will be offered, budget, and other key points. If you are not sure whether your course topic is eligible, we encourage you to email us at