Can more than one faculty member at the same university receive a grant?

Yes, but the topics addressed must be substantially different.

Does revising an existing grant count as developing a new course and therefore qualify for funding?

Perhaps. The Foundation will review submissions and make this determination on a case-by-case basis.

Can multiple faculty members work together to develop a new course?

Yes, the Foundation will consider team submissions. Please note that the maximum funding level of $50,000 remains regardless of how many faculty members are on the team.

Is funding available after the initial grant?

No, funding is only available for the period of the time that it takes to develop the course and to implement it during the academic year. The faculty member should consider how to extend any enhancements beyond the first year without incurring additional costs (e.g. by recording guest speakers so that future students can benefit from them).

Must the course specifically address canine health?

Yes. The Foundation's primary mission is to promote canine health and welfare, so courses must predominantly support canines.