Second Dog Program


The Foundation has seen that K9 units can be an important force multiplier for local police departments. Thus it has two police K9 programs. The first is designed to cover the start-up costs (such as acquiring and training the dog) associated with establishing a K9 unit in a department without one. The second police K9 program is designed to cover the costs of adding a second K9 to police departments with a history of success with an existing K9 unit. Both programs make awards to all qualifying departments.

Grants are awarded in the amount of $32,000. This amount will cover costs including purchasing the dog, training costs, kennel facilities at the officer’s home, retrofitting a cruiser for the exclusive use of the K9 unit, and food and veterinary care for the first three years. A full model budget is available under the Resources tab. 

Grant recipients will also be eligible to receive reimbursement of $1,100 per week for every week of patrol school that the handler is unavailable for normal duties. This reimbursement is granted in full upon confirmation that the handler and dog have successfully been certified at the end of patrol training. Similarly, once a dog and handler have completed a specialty certification, grant recipients are eligible to be reimbursed $4,500 pending confirmation the unit has been certified.

The Foundation’s Second K9 program is a non-competitive grant process. The Stanton Foundation will award grants to any eligible department that successfully completes the application process and commits to maintaining two K9 units for a minimum of five years. Departments must be willing to train at one of six Foundation-approved training sites (Berkshire County Sheriff's Office, Boston Police Canine Academy, Hillsboro Police Department, Maine State Police, Massachusetts State Police, or the Rhode Island K-9 Academy).

The Foundation believes that K9 units are force multipliers for local police departments and provide numerous benefits to local and surrounding communities. Any police department that shares this view of K9 units and is willing to commit to the process is encouraged to submit an application. The Stanton Foundation will support your effort.