I represent a police department outside of the United States that recently lost a K9. Is my department eligible?

At present, the Foundation only considers applications from departments in the United States.

Our K9 passed away because of a medical or genetic condition unrelated to his patrol. Is my department eligible?

The Foundation provides grants to replace K9s lost in the line of duty and not due to a medical or genetic condition unrelated to carrying out his duties.

We lost our K9 to heat exhaustion while he was on duty. Are we eligible to apply?

The Foundation understands that although many K9 deaths are tragic and unavoidable, most heat exhaustion K9 deaths may be avoided with reasonable handler and departmental care. So, unless unique and compelling circumstances exist, the Foundation will not reimburse a department for such deaths.

Our K9 was retired from active duty at the time of his death, but was still living with his handler. May we apply?

Our program is not intended to replace retired dogs, but rather, to replace active dogs that can continue to serve their communities in the same capacity as their fallen predecessor.