Informed Citizens

The Foundation’s interests include classic and twenty-first century First Amendment issues and the larger challenge of the creation of a better informed citizenry. It currently has one open application grant programs in the informed citizen area.


  • Applied History Course Development Program

    The Foundation’s purpose in promoting the development and teaching of such courses is to give students better tools for thinking about important policy issues in their roles as citizens. Business education has shown that a rich collection of cases on a topic can serve as a starting point for good decision making and leadership in business. The Foundation believes that a similar familiarity with the historical record on major issues and the ability to use the case method may be equally useful in making citizens more informed consumers of news and more responsible decision makers.

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About the Foundation

The Stanton Foundation was created by Frank Stanton, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest executives in the history of electronic communications and one of the television industry’s founding fathers.