How to Apply

Letter of Inquiry

To be respectful of applicants’ time, the Foundation has a two-step application process. First, all interested applicants should submit a letter of inquiry (2-3 pages maximum, excluding supporting references) along with a current CV. The Letter of Inquiry should:

  • Include a title;
  • Identify the issue(s) to be researched;
  • Succinctly describe proposed methodology;
  • Explain how the projects complements existing work in the area (if any);
  • Describe the potential usefulness to dogs and the general practitioner.

Note: Prior to funding, all applicants must have a current appointment at an academic institution or non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. If you believe you have a very promising research project but are not affiliated with either, please contact the Foundation to discuss your situation using the email address below.

These materials should be sent to: Letters of Inquiry will be reviewed within four weeks of receipt and applicants will be notified by email of the results of the review and whether they should submit a full application. If further information is needed before a decision can be made, the applicant will be notified by email and a Foundation program officer will follow up to schedule a telephone call.

Full Applications

Full applications are by invitation only, following review and approval of the letter of inquiry. The full application should include:

  • A detailed research plan with key milestones;
  • A description of the proposed deliverable (e.g. videos, article, CE lab);
  • A plan for communicating the results of the study, including the timeline leading to submission of the results for publication or presentation;
  • A letter of support from the institution's senior administrative or academic officer (e.g. the dean of the institution).

Please visit Resources for examples of previously funded applications and an overview of the spectrum of care approach.

The application must also indicate whether any institutional review and/or approval of the proposed research is required, and provide a plan for securing that approval either prior to or within a reasonable period of commencing the Fellowship. Application should be sent electronically to